A Worldwide Study of IT Managed Services

The first of its type in the industry.

Why did we do a Global Survey?

As enterprises continue to act on the realization that business transformation has a huge digital element – and the technological pace of change continues to overtake the ability to recruit people with necessary skills – it is perhaps unsurprising that the global managed IT services market continues to grow at a steady rate. Organizations require access to talent and they need partners to help them negotiate the new waves of technology, from augmented and virtual reality to blockchain, cloud orchestration and new approaches to data analytics.

To better align our services with actual customer requirements, NTT Communications is executing a worldwide study of Managed Services – the first of its type in the market. For this report, IDG Connect has conducted a survey on our behalf to paint a picture of the current enterprise technology transformation landscape and attitudes to how far Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can help them to succeed.

Why you should read on…

As an IT decision-maker, we are offering you the chance to benchmark your own department against the latest data from your peers – split into the regions of the U.S., Asia, and Europe. We hope you will find these studies bring new ideas to think about your journeys and map fresh ways you can get the most out of leveraging new partnering models.

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Over 400 decision makers share their IT challenges and future plans with us

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Insights from six countries on the current technology transformation landscape in Asia

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The EU survey on the IT challenges facing 400 senior managers is due for release February 2019

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