Asian Enterprises Leverage IT Service Providers To Support Growth

An IDG survey commissioned by NTT Communications

The Survey In Detail

We recently surveyed over 200 organisations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand to gain insights into the current technology transformation landscape in Asia and businesses’ adoption of Managed Service Partners (MSPs). Emphasis was placed on in-house IT management, service deployment strategies, team strength, future plans to use MSPs, relevant technologies and the degree of such outsourcing.

Our respondents were all from organisations with over 150 employees and three or more offices across APAC; 46% had over five office locations. Respondents came from different functional areas but more than half were aligned with the IT function (51%) and all respondents held IT and/or business management roles. The highest percentage of respondent organisations (44%) had 10-29 members in their in-house IT teams while 40% had more.

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Security is the biggest challenge faced by companies managing IT in-house.

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exec review 1

Executive Interview 1 - IT Director of a private equity bank

Interview transcript: “I believe the two most important factors which are affecting our decisions on using MSPs are cost benefits and Rural Social Cost. I think using MSPs has helped us to reduce internal resource constraints. Also, by increasing MSP services we can begin using our internal resources better by using our budget more wisely. Using MSPs has also helped us to reduce risk and protect our data, and I think this will continue in the next 12 to 18 months….”

exec review 2

Executive Interview 2 - Business Director at a banking consortium

Excerpt from the transcript: “We use MSP services as and when we need them as it is not realistic for us to have a fixed, in-house resource for some services. We use these services for projects like ERP, virtualization, SD WAN, Azure Stack, cloud migration or infrastructure. MSPs provide guidance helping us to embrace new technology.”


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59% flag security risks as the most prevalent challenge in managing IT in-house. While others find it difficult to find and retain the right people (employees) with the relevant technical skillset. Lack of key IT skills in-house and increasing infrastructure complexity receive high repsonse rates. But what is the solution?

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