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Europe believes there is a big role for managed service providers to help cope with rapid change and increasing complexity

An IDG survey of over 400 IT business decision makers

Compare your challenges against those of 400 other EU enterprises

Europe continues to be a powerhouse of the global economy and the region is predicted to enjoy continued growth for the next two years at least. Against this backdrop, NTT commissioned IDG Connect to survey over 400 IT and business decision-makers from across several industries. Each business had more than 1,000 employees.

Our panel covered the UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden to discover insights into today’s technology transformation landscape among European businesses.

We specifically wanted to find out what was happening with in-house IT management, major tasks, plans to use Managed Service Providers (MSPs), preferred cloud types and whether data is being stored on-premises or in the cloud.

The good news is that you are not alone. Our survey shows that Europe’s businesses need help in a complex, fast-changing IT environment.


Infographic summary

This summary clearly illustrates how European companies are leveraging IT service partners more and more to address the speed of technology change and deal with the skills shortage and security/governance challenges.

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Chief Technology Officer in the healthcare sector

Executive interview #1

A Chief Technology Officer in the healthcare sector talks openly about managing service providers, keeping up service levels and moving to the cloud:

Due to the previous decentralized system, it used to be difficult, and our healthcare staff were wasting a lot of time logging in and out of different systems to provide services to the patients. Now, as this is a scalable solution with a single sign in and sign off, professionals can pay more attention to things at any given time. Everything is so visible and now IT service and care go hand in hand.”

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Head of Business Operations

Executive interview #2

This interview is with the Head of Business Operations in a large financial institution. Talking about the move to MSPs and the IT skills shortage:

“Since we were facing a lot of concerns with our data and email security, this appeared to be a marvellous opportunity to migrate whatever tasks we could not perform ourselves. Access to skills sets is definitely an important business variable that for a long time has caused issues. Considering service delivery from an accredited MSP was a no-brainer. We do not want to spend extra money and time on teaching and training.”

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The White Paper

As a business decision maker, download the full white paper from IDG to benchmark your own IT operations against those of your peers and discover how other companies in Europe are leveraging service providers to add business value.

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