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Latest U.S. survey reveals massive skills shortage in the IT sector is the #1 concern for CIOs

An IDG survey commissioned by NTT

The survey in detail

In the first of such industry surveys, we recently polled U.S. based decision-makers in over 400 organizations across the country to gain insights into the current technology transformation landscape and businesses’ adoption of Managed Service Partners (MSPs). Emphasis was placed on in-house IT management, service deployment strategies, team strength, future plans to use MSPs, relevant technologies and the degree of such outsourcing.

Our respondents were all from organizations with over 1,000 employees and three or more offices across the country; 46% had over five office locations. Respondents came from different functional areas but more than half were aligned with the IT function (51%), and all respondents held IT and/or business management roles. The highest percentage of respondent organizations (44%) had 10-29 members in their in-house IT teams while 40% had even more.


What challenges are other CIOs facing?

This infographic summary highlights the U.S. survey’s findings and the key challenges enterprises are facing along the path to digital transformation.

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interview 1

Executive interview 1 – IT Director of a large U.S. government department

Interview sample: “Cost-effectiveness is another reason that we use MSP services. Our capital expenditure has decreased since using them, which is beneficial to us when we are lacking in resources and are having difficulty allocating funds to skills shortages during certain projects…”

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interview 2

Executive interview 2 – CTO of a major U.S. based university

Excerpt from the transcript: “At the moment, our greatest challenge within the IT department would be disaster recovery. This is because we do not have a primary, solid disaster recovery plan in place. That is why, we are currently looking to solve this issue quickly. If a disaster were to happen now, our servers would be down for at least three weeks, which would result in the loss of millions of dollars in revenue for the University.”

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You have read the stats, now get the real story behind the numbers

Problems with recruiting, training and retaining IT staff with the right skills weighed in massively as the biggest challenge from 417 of the respondents, followed by security concerns. Does this resonate with your own findings? But what is the solution?

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